How To Use A Pendulum Board: Friendly Beginner’s Guide 2024

Explore the world of pendulum boards and their intricate designs. From deciphering messages to mapping out intentions, discover effective techniques to harness this tool for clarity, guidance, and spiritual exploration.

Understanding Pendulum Boards – How To Use A Pendulum Board


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A pendulum board serves as a tool for divination and connects me with the cosmos. I hold a pendulum above the board to receive guidance from the universe.

The typical pendulum board features words like “yes,” “no,” and “unclear.” Sometimes, it also includes options like “maybe” and “rephrase” to provide more nuanced answers. The variety of responses helps in interpreting the guidance more accurately.

Pendulums themselves come in various materials such as crystal, metal, or wood. I always choose one that resonates with my energy to establish a strong connection. Holding the chain, I let my intuition guide its movement.

Understanding the different pendulum movements is crucial. For instance:

  • Clockwise circles might signify a “yes.”
  • Back and forth could signify another “yes.”
  • Side to side generally means “no.”

To keep the pendulum clear and effective, regular cleansing is essential. I like to cleanse mine by rinsing it in water or using incense.

The usage of a pendulum board isn’t just about getting answers. It helps me tap into my subconscious and bring buried thoughts to my conscious awareness. This process not only aids in decision-making but also deepens my spiritual practice.

By connecting with my intuition and the universe, the pendulum board becomes more than a tool—it’s a window into deeper spiritual understanding and guidance.

Preparing Your Pendulum and Board

How To Use A Pendulum Board: A pendulum board sits on a flat surface, marked with letters, numbers, and symbols. A pendulum hangs above, ready to swing and point to the board's markings

When getting ready to use a pendulum board, it’s important to choose the right pendulum, cleanse and charge it, and set up a conducive space for your practice. These steps ensure that you can connect with the board and pendulum effectively to receive clear answers.

Selecting the Right Pendulum

Choosing the right pendulum is critical for effective divination. Pendulums can be made from various materials like crystals, metals, and wood.

I usually prefer crystals because they often resonate well with my energy. It’s best to pick a pendulum that feels good in your hands and suits your energy. You can try holding different pendulums to see which one you feel most connected to. Some people also like to select pendulums based on their spiritual properties, like using rose quartz for love or amethyst for clarity.

Cleansing and Charging

Before using the pendulum, it’s essential to cleanse and charge it to clear any negative energy it may have absorbed and to fill it with positive energy.

Clearing can be done using various methods. Smudging the pendulum with sage smoke is a popular method. Holding your pendulum under running water or soaking it in saltwater are also effective.

To charge the pendulum, I often leave it under the moonlight, especially during a full moon, to maximize its energy. You can also place it on a bed of salt or crystals to absorb their positive vibration.

Setting Up Your Space

Creating a sacred space for your divination practice helps in focusing your intent and energy. I like to choose a quiet, comfortable spot with a flat surface to lay out my pendulum board.

I often light candles or burn incense to purify the space and set a calm, meditative ambiance. I always ensure that my space is free from distractions so I can fully concentrate on my readings.

Holding the pendulum, I take a few deep breaths to ground myself, establishing a strong connection with both the pendulum and the board.

Now, the board and pendulum are ready, and I feel prepared to begin my divination practice.

Conducting a Pendulum Session

How To Use A Pendulum Board: A pendulum board sits on a table, surrounded by candles. A hand holds a pendulum over the board, ready to receive answers

When conducting a pendulum session, it’s crucial to approach with a calm and open mind. You’ll benefit from formulating clear questions, interpreting the pendulum’s movements accurately, and enhancing your practice with consistent methods.

Formulating Questions

I start with specific questions to gain the best results. Yes-or-no questions are particularly effective. For instance, asking, “Is this the right decision for me?” works better than vague or complex queries.

Holding the pendulum between my index finger and thumb, I ensure the string or chain is steady. Using divination boards or templates can help in framing clear questions. It’s also helpful to phrase questions in a positive tone, as this can influence the accuracy of the answers received.

Experiment with DIY pendulum boards using phrases such as “rephrase” for unclear answers. The moon phase pendulum board adds an extra layer by incorporating cosmic elements into the session. Practice patience and respect when forming questions, as the clarity in questioning leads to better alignment and understanding.

Interpreting Movements

Observing the pendulum movements is key to accurate interpretation. A back and forth movement might signify a “yes,” while side to side can indicate a “no”. Circular motions, either clockwise or counterclockwise, can mean “maybe” or “neutral”.

I often keep a pendulum journal to document my sessions for better tracking over time. This helps in identifying any patterns in the responses. For more complex questions, some divination boards include symbols, numbers, or even letters, which the pendulum can point to.

Aligning with my subconscious mind and respecting the pendulum as a communication tool with spirit guides enhances my interpretation accuracy. Consistency in how I interpret the movements contributes to more reliable and clear answers.

Enhancing Your Practice

To deepen my practice, I meditate regularly while holding the pendulum. This strengthens my connection and ensures clarity. Cleansing the pendulum is essential for maintaining its energy, which I do by holding it under running water or placing it in moonlight.

I consult guides and experts in divination, often finding valuable advice and techniques to improve my skill. Whether using a purchased or commissioned pendulum board, or even a DIY option, the key is consistency and respect for the practice.

These sessions can be spiritually rewarding and insightful, contributing significantly to personal growth and a better understanding of my subconscious mind and the cosmos.

FAQ – How To Use A Pendulum Board

Are there rules for using a pendulum?

Yes, it’s essential to cleanse the pendulum, ground yourself, ask clear and specific questions, interpret the pendulum’s movements neutrally, and ensure you’re in a focused and calm state.

What should you say before using a pendulum?

Set intentions for clarity and accuracy. You might say, “I ask for clear guidance and truthful answers from this pendulum.”

When using a pendulum, which way is yes?

The direction for “yes” can vary between individuals. Generally, it’s clockwise or a specific direction determined during calibration before the session.

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