How Much Is Perm Buddha? Find Out The Latest Prices 2024

Curious about the cost of obtaining the powerful Perm Buddha in Blox Fruits? Discover how much is Perm Buddha and what makes this game-changing fruit worth every penny. Dive into the details and find out how you can elevate your gameplay to new heights.

How Much is Perm Buddha


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I’ve been really curious about this too! The Permanent Buddha fruit in Blox Fruits costs 1,650 Robux.

Buying it requires you to have enough Robux in your account. It’s one of the more costly fruits, but it’s famous for its unique abilities.

Many players wonder if the price is justified, given its advantages in the game. For instance, its Fighting Style and Sword range enhancements, plus amazing PvP and grinding capabilities, might make it worth the investment.

How Much Is Perm Buddha: A serene, golden statue of Buddha sits on a lotus throne, surrounded by offerings and incense

Some folks are into trading their Perm Buddha for other valuable fruits. On Reddit, I found someone offering a dragon, leopard, dough, and soul/spirit for it. This shows Perm Buddha holds significant value in the trading community.

If you’re keen on transformations, note that the Buddha fruit gives you a jump boost and some useful mobility moves like the Buddha Leap and Retribution Dash, even though it has limited overall mobility.

To sum up, while it’s pricey at 1,650 Robux, the Perm Buddha fruit offers some compelling features that many find worth the cost.

Understanding Perm Buddha in Blox Fruits

How Much Is Perm Buddha: How Much Is Perm Buddha: A serene, meditative Perm Buddha statue stands tall in the center of a tranquil garden, surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers

Perm Buddha in Blox Fruits is a valuable Legendary Beast-type fruit. It is especially prized for its versatility and powerful abilities, making it a top choice for both grinding and raids.

Overview and Rarity

Perm Buddha is a Legendary Beast-type fruit found in Blox Fruits. It costs 1,650 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer. Additionally, it’s known for its high trading value, priced at 1,200,000 Beli in the game.

The rarity of the Buddha fruit makes it highly sought after by players. Its unique ability to increase both the user’s Fighting Style and Sword’s range adds significant value.

Awakening the Buddha Fruit

Awakening the Buddha fruit unlocks enhanced abilities. To awaken it, players must complete special raid missions, which require skill and teamwork.

Awakening transforms the user into a giant Buddha, providing increased hitbox and damage reduction. This transformation makes it one of the best fruits for supporting and carrying in raids, thanks to its M1 attack range buff.

Abilities and Mastery Levels

The Buddha fruit offers a range of powerful abilities that can be unlocked and heightened through mastery levels. Here are some key abilities and their impacts:

  • Buddha Leap: A stunning leap attack.
  • Buddha Explosion: Deals area-of-effect damage.
  • Retribution Dash: Quick movement to dodge attacks.
  • Shift: Transforms the user into a giant Buddha.

Mastering these abilities makes grinding and combat more efficient. Players often aim for the highest mastery levels to maximize the fruit’s potential and overall performance.

Understanding Perm Buddha in Blox Fruits provides a significant advantage in gameplay, given the fruit’s rarity and powerful attributes.

The Economic Aspects: Value and Trading

A marketplace with various goods displayed for trade, including a prominent statue of Buddha. Prices and value indicators are visible

When trading the Buddha fruit in Blox Fruits, understanding its market price, trading strategies, and perm value are crucial for making informed decisions and maximizing your investments.

Determining Buddha’s Market Price

The market price of Buddha fruit is influenced by demand and trading activity within the player community. As of now, the Buddha fruit holds a trading value of around 9.3 million for the normal version. The desire for this fruit remains high due to its unique abilities and versatility in gameplay.

It’s essential to stay updated on current prices by frequently checking platforms like FruityBlox. Notably, the perm value of Buddha can reach up to 223 million, making it a significant investment.

Trading Strategies and Tips

Successful trading involves timing and understanding the market trends. When trading Buddha, I always look for moments when demand peaks. This often happens after updates or events that highlight the fruit’s abilities.

Engaging actively with the Blox Fruits community can provide insights into these trends. Another tip is to diversify by trading Buddha for high-demand fruits like Leopard, Control, or Dragon which have fluctuating values due to updates. Using tools like the Blox Fruits Calculator can help compare trading values and make informed decisions.

Perm Value and Investment

Investing in the perm Buddha fruit can be a wise decision given its high perm value of 223 million. This value reflects both the trading potential and the utility of the fruit within the game. For dedicated players, purchasing the perm Buddha with Robux could provide long-term benefits.

When considering this investment, I evaluate the cost in Robux versus the in-game value and potential return from trading with other players. Engaging in trades using perm Buddha can lead to significant profit if the fruit’s demand remains strong, ensuring a solid return on investment.

Integrating Buddha in Gameplay

How Much Is Perm Buddha: Buddha statue placed in a serene garden, surrounded by blooming flowers and a tranquil pond

Integrating the Buddha fruit into your gameplay can significantly enhance your combat abilities, improve character stats, and facilitate progress in quests and raids. The Buddha form unlocks unique skills that can be strategically deployed for maximum efficiency.

The Role in Combat and PVP

The Buddha fruit amplifies your combat skills by transforming you into a massive golden figure, increasing your size and attack reach. This transformation is vital in Player vs Player (PVP) scenarios where range and power are critical.

When transformed, you gain increased defense, which can be a game-changer in extended battles. The enhanced defense and attack power allow me to withstand strong foes and deliver powerful blows, making it easier to outlast opponents. Pairing the Buddha form with robust fighting styles and a powerful sword can further maximize your combat effectiveness.

Enhancing Your Character

Using the Buddha fruit allows me to significantly augment my character’s stats. The transformation into the golden Buddha beast increases health points and defense levels, creating a sturdier character who can withstand substantial damage.

Strategically, I can combine this form with other skills and fighting styles to create a versatile character. The increased size and reach offer a distinct advantage in grinding and farming, swiftly clearing waves of enemies with powerful, wide-reaching attacks. This makes leveling up more efficient and accelerates overall progress.

Using Buddha in Quests and Raids

The Buddha fruit is invaluable in both quests and raids. During quests, the heightened defense and attack power make it easier to tackle difficult enemies and challenging scenarios. This allows me to complete quests more quickly and earn rewards efficiently.

In raids, the Buddha form’s ability to sustain more damage while dealing significant attacks is crucial. It helps in taking down legendary beasts and other formidable foes that require high endurance. Utilizing Buddha transformation alongside coordinated team efforts ensures smoother, more successful raid experiences, boosting overall productivity in the game.

FAQ – How Much Is Perm Buddha

What is Buddha worth in trading Blox Fruits?

In Blox Fruits, the value of Buddha varies based on the in-game market and player demand. It’s generally considered a high-value fruit due to its combat effectiveness and utility in grinding.

Is Buddha better than light?

Whether Buddha is better than Light depends on playstyle. Buddha offers high durability and melee damage, making it great for tanking and grinding, while Light provides speed and ranged attacks, suitable for fast-paced combat and mobility.

Why is Buddha popular?

Buddha is popular in Blox Fruits due to its large hitbox, high durability, and powerful melee attacks. It’s effective for grinding and PvP, making it a versatile and sought-after fruit among players.

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