How Many Fragments To Awaken Buddha: A Quick Guide 2024

Delve into the world of mobile gaming as we explore the exact number of fragments needed to awaken Buddha in your favorite game. Discover strategies and tips to accelerate your progress towards unlocking this powerful character.

How Many Fragments to Awaken Buddha


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If you’re looking to awaken the Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits, you’re in for an exciting journey. You’ll need fragments to unlock various abilities.

There are distinct abilities you can awaken, each costing a different amount of fragments:

  1. Z Ability (Mastery 1): Costs 500 fragments.
  2. X Ability (Mastery 100): Costs 3,000 fragments.
  3. C Ability (Mastery 200): Costs 4,000 fragments.
  4. V Ability (Mastery 300): Costs 5,000 fragments.
  5. F Ability (Mastery 400): Costs 2,000 fragments.

To sum it up, the total cost to fully awaken the Buddha Fruit is 14,500 fragments.

In addition, when you transform into the Buddha Form, there’s an increase in your size, defense, and attack. This makes a significant difference in both PvP and PVE game modes.

It’s a good idea to prepare by gathering fragments in advance. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits without any delays. For more specifics, you might want to check out this detailed guide.

Happy fragment hunting and enjoy your awakened Buddha powers!

Understanding the Buddha Fruit and Awakening Process

How Many Fragments To Awaken Buddha: The Buddha Fruit emits a radiant glow, surrounded by swirling fragments. A sense of awakening permeates the air, as the fragments converge towards the fruit

The Buddha Fruit, also known as “Human: Buddha,” is a Legendary Beast-type Blox Fruit. It’s renowned for enhancing the user’s combat abilities. Awakening this fruit unlocks its full potential, granting new skills and powers.

Basics of the Buddha Fruit

The Buddha Fruit costs either 1,200,000 Beli or 1,650 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer. This fruit transforms the user into a giant golden Buddha, significantly increasing their fighting style and sword range.

It’s highly preferred for Raids, Player vs. Player (PvP) battles, and grinding due to its ability to boost combat capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Transforms into a giant Buddha.
  • Increases fighting style and sword range.
  • Can use Swords, Fighting Styles, and Guns after transformation.

The Awakening Procedure

Awakening the Buddha Fruit involves unlocking its full potential through fragments. The total cost to fully awaken the Buddha Fruit is 14,500 fragments. Each move in the awakening process requires specific fragment amounts.

Fragment Costs for Awakening:

  • First Move: 500 fragments
  • Second Move: 3,000 fragments
  • Third Move: 4,000 fragments
  • Fourth Move: 5,000 fragments
  • Final Move: 2,000 fragments

Awakening these moves grants significant boosts in combat abilities.

For example, the initial transformation might increase size and strength, while later moves will add additional skills or enhance existing ones. It’s clear why many players target the Buddha Fruit for serious gameplay advantages.

Collecting Fragments and Utilizing Raids

How Many Fragments To Awaken Buddha: A pile of fragments gathered, Buddha's statue surrounded by raiding tools

When awakening Buddha in Blox Fruits, you’ll need to accumulate a substantial number of fragments. Raids play a crucial role in gaining these fragments, and the strategies implemented can greatly impact your success.

The Role of Fragments

Fragments are vital for awakening abilities in Blox Fruits. Each ability within the Buddha transformation demands its own fragment cost. Typically, you’ll need around 7,500 fragments per ability, making efficient collection essential.

Fragments not only unlock new powers but also enhance gameplay by boosting your capabilities. Completing Raids effectively will earn you fragments, ranging from 250 to 1,000 per Raid based on performance and time left.

This makes it clear that prioritizing fragment collection is key to progressing and awakening the Buddha fruit.

Raid Participation and Strategies

Participating in Raids is one of the most reliable ways to collect fragments. To join a Raid, you need a Raid chip, which can be acquired by purchasing or completing specific challenges. It’s important to prepare thoroughly before participating.

Team up with experienced players to maximize efficiency and reduce completion time, boosting your fragment rewards. Focus on key tactics like maintaining distance during intense fights, utilizing special moves like Buddha Leap for mobility, and optimizing attack patterns.

With these strategies, you’ll not only complete Raids faster, but also gain the maximum number of fragments possible.

Grinding for Progress

Grinding is an essential part of accumulating the necessary fragments for awakening Buddha. This involves repeatedly participating in Raids, defeating NPCs, and completing in-game challenges to ensure a steady stream of fragments.

Consistency is key here. Schedule time for Raids, particularly during events that offer increased fragment rewards. By focusing efforts daily, you ensure a gradual but steady accumulation of the 7,500 fragments needed for each ability.

Keep an eye on special in-game opportunities and updates since they can offer fragment boosts, accelerating the grinding process. With perseverance, the goal of a fully awakened Buddha will be within reach.

Advanced Techniques and Strategies

How Many Fragments To Awaken Buddha: Buddha fragments levitate, emitting a soft glow, surrounded by swirling energy. Rays of light converge, converging on the fragments, as if awakening a powerful force

To effectively awaken the Buddha in Blox Fruits, it’s important to master specific skills and maximize the damage potential of your moves.

Mastering Skills and Special Moves

One key to succeeding with the Buddha Fruit is mastering its unique skills. The shift ability allows quick transformation into a giant form, enhancing the user’s stats and range. Make sure to practice the Heavenly Impact move, which deals substantial area-of-effect damage, making it ideal for crowd control. Additionally, Twilight of the Gods and Light of Annihilation are essential for dealing high damage in PvP and Raids.

Abyssal Darkness provides great utility by controlling enemies’ positions, while Endless Hole can trap multiple foes at once. Integrating these skills into your playstyle can greatly improve your effectiveness in both offensive and defensive scenarios.

Maximizing Damage and Utility

To maximize the Buddha’s damage, focus on combos. Start with Light of Annihilation for long-range interruptions, then follow up with Heavenly Impact to take advantage of their staggered state. Use Twilight of the Gods for finishing off weakened enemies.

For utility, use Abyssal Darkness to manipulate the battlefield. The large hitbox of Heavenly Impact makes it excellent for grinding, while Endless Hole can be used to contain enemies in a focused area, allowing you and your allies to deal significant damage.

Remember, timing and positioning are crucial in Raids and PvP. Practice these moves to get a feel for their range and effects. Combining them strategically will enhance your performance and make awakening the Buddha Fruit much more effective.

FAQ – How Many Fragments To Awaken Buddha

Is there Buddha V3?

I’m not familiar with any specific “Buddha V3.” It could refer to a variation or update in a game or concept.

How do I do Buddha glitch?

I’m not aware of a “Buddha glitch.” In general, exploiting glitches in games may violate terms of service and disrupt gameplay balance.

How much money do you need to awaken Buddha?

Awakening Buddha in various contexts, such as spiritual practices or games, typically doesn’t require money but may involve effort, dedication, or in-game resources, depending on the context.

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